Lifmex is a leading specialist in the manufacturing of lifting equipment and delivers a diverse portfolio of products engineered to exceed the toughest demands of any industry. Health and Safety of the people using the products is the at most important protocol when manufacturing the product and to achieve the highest quality with quantity is our continuous way forward. Our dedicated research and design departments keep us ahead of the market, ensuring we can always be relied upon to bring not only the best but the most ground-breaking products to the industry. Lifmex incorporates all the reputedly excellent and reliable design features for which our products are known and it has become one of the most trusted partner for many oil field industries because of its top class products with quality assurance and peace of mind.

Lifmex offers the most comprehensive collection of premium heavy weight material handling equipment. It is a world-class brand combined with modern technology, innovative design and reputable reliability. The Lifmex material handling equipment has proven their advantages all over the world in a range of challenging applications. It delivers a realistic and most efficient way of solving regular lifting complications with their highly versatile products and designs that fulfil various needs. At Lifmex, safety receives the closest attention in material handling trucks of every size. The hydraulic circuits are “air & dust tight” which ensures easy operation over long periods of time, no matter how harsh conditions may be on site. Lifmex is a first class choice when it comes to moving heavy weight in the severe environment of the warehouses and it is creating a new benchmark of safety, quality and reliability.

Prestar trolleys are impeccable and irreplaceable with the highest quality of metal and rubber combined to make medium size heavy weight moving at the direction of your finger. Truly made in Japan, the best features of Prestar Trolleys include high flexibility, availability of different sizes, durability and low maintenance. Each model in the extensive variety of Prestar Trolleys is carefully built to the highest standards. Everyday in workplaces all over the world, customers depend on Prestar hand trucks as indispensable partners. Prestar trolleys are a superior option. The platform is double pressed metal, and the handles are thick robust tubing. This creates superior strength and allows it to keep shape that doesn’t bow, bend or fail. Regardless of the trolley being under load or empty the user’s push effort is lowest with Prestar. Prestar flatbed warehouse trollies make day to day moving of material effortless. They are highly portable and storable at the back of your vehicle, to begin start-moving materials anywhere anytime. Prestar reputation for quality, reliability, safety and service is the envy of the industry and are committed to continuing this tradition.

Safemax safety products provide a combination of practical affordability and simple compliance. Our extensive line of safety equipment ranges from basic harnesses and lanyards to complex, industry-specific sling and lashing belts. We provide high-quality safety solutions and equipment in a measurable, cost-effective manner, without compromise, and we stand behind the promise that we make to each of our customers – providing safety services that work, while helping our clients protect lives.

Starting from the test of the raw material and throughout the entire manufacturing process and till the finished products, we are following strict quality controls and inspection techniques by adhering to the ISO and OHSAS policies. We pledge to continue working on our unwavering commitment to safety and the quality of our product, which is the fibre that binds all of our efforts around the globe.

Wallclimb is one of the leading brands of Ladders. From largescale construction to professional  painting & decorating, workers use Wallclimb Ladders with trust and confidence. They are manufactured as per the international standards with a variety that contains ladders made from well-known sources of aluminium quarries to produce a superior quality along with fiberglass ladders that are specially designed for electrical works.

Meticulous with performance, Wallclimb’s each product model is manufactured meeting high safety standards and quality expectations. Wallclimb commitment to safety, productivity, and quality is recognized throughout the industry. Wallclimb is leading the way by endlessly devoting in innovative technologies and takes great pride in developing new products designed for specific working at height situations, and this catalogue features extensive range of products all of which express the quality of “design and build” identical with the Wallclimb.

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