Maintenance & Repair Services

SHABBIR ENTERPRISES L.LC has specialists who works with you to ensure your equipment receives only the necessary maintenance and repairs and also offer a cost-effective managed maintenance program that helps you maximize asset efficiency.
We offer maintenance for all our equipments. Our team consists of Supervisor, Technicians and assistants who are well trained and highly experienced. Also they are thoroughly familiar with all type of lifting gear from simple slings and shackles to more complex hoists and a complete range of Material Handling Equipments. Needless to mention, our team is well versed with International safety regulations.
In House Service Centre
To find the right solution to all your technical needs visit us our service center.
  1. Contact our team at and one of our members will assist you in  a quick and friendly manner.
  2. Bring your equipment at your convenience for our technicians to diagnose the equipment.
  3. Upon confirmation, our technicians will carry out any maintenance/ repair or services in a very professional manner.
  4. The equipment will be returned to the customer with fully compliant certification and in a ready to use condition within 4 working days.

On-Site Service

We attend your site and carry out inspections and maintenance as requested

  1. Contact a member of our friendly technical team who will provide an hourly rate for on-site inspection and maintenance of your equipment.
  2. Let us know a convenient date for our technicians to visit your site.
  3. Our technicians will arrive on-site and carry out any maintenance in a professional manner. We provide you with fully compliant certification for your records

BENEFITS OF Annual Maintenance Contract

We would highly recommend our valuable customers to have an AMC in place which can protect you from unexpected repair bills. It is a SHABBIR ENTERPRISES warranty of sorts, but the difference with our contracts is that along with the labor charges and parts covered, we also include an annual comprehensive service check too.


In-House & On-Site Service Centers

Cost Effective Maintenance Program

Well Trained and Highly Experienced Team

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