Our Story

Chairman's Message

As a young entrepreneur landing in Gulf in the 1970s, I had a vision to build a foundation in line with the country’s vision & to cement my legacy to provide best quality products with best customer service.

One element that we have worked hard in transmitting ourselves with the strong commitment to the continuous development of the company, by consistently improving and growing within our respective divisions.

Our motto is ‘Building on Success’ and this is what we will be striving to achieve for years to come, as we continue to consolidate the sectors within the company. At the same time, we look forward to the future and all the exciting business opportunities and challenges that it might bring. Of course, this would have never been possible without the constant dedication and collaboration of all our staff members.

SHABBIR ENTERPRISES is ready for the new era.

MD's Message

For the last three decades, Shabbir Enterprise has witnessed consistent growth, achieved long-term success, and faced challenging times.

Our top priority is increasing our digital presence and reaching throughout the region through E-Commerce & the online media. Our team is well trained and ready to take on any kind of advancements introduced by our company.

Our key strategic move now is to shift our focus in providing solutions And We pride ourselves on being the customer’s first choice, which is also our mission.

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